Professional Portfolio



  • Safe and stable housing for all (PDF, 1.2MB) Renew (Oct-Dec 2022)
  • The too-hard bin, including Case study: Veena Sahajwalla [everything-else recycling] Renew (Jul-Sep 2022)
  • So very, very tyred, including Case study: Wait, but I’m a cyclist! [tyre recycling] (PDF, 3MB) Renew (Apr-Jun 2022)
  • Join, act, impact: Renew’s branches making a difference (PDF, 640KB), Sanctuary (Autumn 2022)
  • Wrapped in plastic, including Case study: ReCo [plastics recycling] (PDF, 2MB), Renew (Jan-Mar 2022)
  • Going organic, including Case study: Green P Community Farm [organics recycling] (PDF, 5.2MB), Renew (Oct-Dec 2021)
  • Putting waste to work (PDF, 817KB), Sanctuary (Spring 2021)
  • Splendour in the glass, including Case study: Betta Stone [glass recycling] (PDF, 3.6MB), Renew (Jul-Sep 2021)
  • Gardening to the rescue (PDF, 1.1MB), Organic Gardener (early winter, 2021)
  • Into the e-wastes, including Case study: Green Collect [e-waste recycling] (PDF, 18MB), Renew (Apr-Jun 2021)
  • Beyond the op shop, including Case study: BlockTEXX [textile recycling] (PDF, 9.2MB), Renew (Jan-Mar 2020)
  • Taking in the recycling, including Case study: Simply Cups [paper recycling] (PDF, 6.8MB), Renew (Oct-Dec 2020)
  • Powering Indigenous communities with renewables, Renew (Apr-Jun 2020)
  • Upfront (PDF, 1.1MB), Renew (Jul-Sep 2019)
  • Solar gardens, Renew (Apr-Jun 2019)
  • ATA member profile (PDF, 1MB), Renew (Jan-Mar 2017)
  • Future world fiction (PDF, 465KB), Organic Gardener (Jul/Aug 2016)
  • Free and fair speech – Susan Hawthorne speaks to Cynthia Troupe (PDF, 229KB), PEN Melbourne Quarterly (May 2014)
  • In the mood for nature (PDF, 885KB), Organic Gardener (Jan/Feb 2014)

Web writing and editing


  • Programme, Woodford Folk Festival 27 Dec 22 – 1 Jan 23 (2022)



  • Annual Report 2020 (PDF, 1.3MB), Peace Brigades International – Mexico (Apr 2021)
  • Annual Report 2019 (PDF, 2.3MB), Peace Brigades International – Mexico (Jun 2020)
  • Annual Report 2018 (PDF, 2.1MB), Peace Brigades International – Mexico (Jun 2019)
  • Ten years of the European Union Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders: An assessment from the field (PDF, 1.8MB), Peace Brigades International – UK (May 2014)
  • Afrodescendent women: our gaze fixed on the intersections of race- and gender-based organizing (PDF, 1.1MB), ECLAC (2010)

Literacy readers

  • What’s That Thing? Illustrated by Rea Diwata Mendoza; Library For All (2021)
  • What Is Harriet’s Favourite Game? Illustrated by John Maynard Balinggao; Library For All (2021)

photograph of jodie martire